Energy Science Project Ideas?

Answer Energy comes in many forms: solar, wind, physical, mechanical, chemical, sound, light, magnetic, gravity and even nuclear. The number of science fair projects surrounding the topic of energy are se... Read More »

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Ideas for a Science Project on Wave Energy?

A wave describes the movement of energy through a medium or material. The medium may be air, water, earth (making earthquakes) or our eardrum (making sound). The movement of energy disturbs the mat... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas for Energy and the Environment?

Energy sources and how they affect the environment are popular topics. Regardless of how you feel about these issues, they pose valid questions that should be addressed. They can also make for inte... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas: Alternative Energy?

You may have heard the term "alternative energy" used in your classroom or on the news, though you may be unsure what it means. Finding out how alternative energy is produced is an increasingly pop... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas Dealing With Energy?

Energy in science is defined as the ability to perform work (an act being performed over a specified distance). This definition would appear to make energy an intangible component, but it is not. E... Read More »