Energy Resources for Kids?

Answer Energy is one of the most important topics relating to the environment. Without energy, people would be unable to grow food, get around and heat and cool their homes. Accordingly, it is important t... Read More »

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Alternative Energy Resources for Kids?

Sources of alternative energy come from renewable processes, including sunlight, wind and hydro-power. A lesson in renewable energy -- largely based on cause and effect -- feeds an inquisitive chil... Read More »

Renewable Energy Resources for Kids?

As of 2011, the increased attention to renewable sources of energy, as alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, has led many government agencies, organizations, educational institutions and the en... Read More »

Energy and School Resources?

The importance of moving towards more sustainable living habits has become a popular subject in the media and many school students will have seen news reports on the topic. Children will be interes... Read More »

How to Write an Outline on Energy Resources?

When you are preparing to write a report or document about the various types of energy sources, an effective way to group your thoughts and organize the various concepts you want to cover is by wri... Read More »