Energy Management Job Description?

Answer Energy managers are responsible for planning, regulating and monitoring the energy use of an organization or facility. Energy managers strive to improve energy efficiency through careful evaluation... Read More »

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How seriously can you take the description "Energy drink"?

Well you can't. It's just a bunch of sugar and chemicals that give you an "energy" high for a short while then fade off to a let down. If you want energy from a drink you should try XS. Great taste... Read More »

Description of Coal Energy?

Coal is a black or brownish-black solid combustible substance. It is widely used as a natural fuel. It took millions of years to form coal by the partial decomposition of vegetable matter without f... Read More »

Oil Land Management Job Description?

The world population, dependent upon cars, trucks, and motorized vehicles, has created a constant demand for oil and petroleum-based products. The supply for these products comes from oil fields. L... Read More »

A Management Coordinator's Job Description?

Management coordinators have a broad range of job responsibilities, all of which relate to managing several different areas of a workplace. Job duties can be both administrative and supervisory.