Answer Are you getting enough of the B complex group of vitamins?? Fatigue and exhaustion are B 12 vitamin deficiency symptoms, other symptoms are headaches and migraines, insomnia, constipation, excessi... Read More »

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Why Sarsaparilla give me more energy than Energy drinks them selves?

maybe sars contain lots of sugar thats why ur body react like that..thats normal,hunn... =)

How come you can buy soda and coffee with EBT but not Energy drinks and 5 hour energy?

You can buy an energy drink like red bull - the operating word is DRINK. Five hour energy is not a drink it's a supplement.

How much energy do you save annually with energy star products?

The Energy Star program website reports that in 2009 Energy Star products saved energy equivalent to the emissions from 30 million cars. In monetary terms Energy Star products saved Americans aroun... Read More »

What is the single most important ingredient in energy drinks that actually gives you energy?