Endometriosis pain in thighs?

Answer It could be referred pain in your thighs from it. My fiance has endometriosis and she has an organic, over the counter hormone balancing cream that really helps. I'd recommend a hormone balancer, e... Read More »

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Does endometriosis cause leg pain?

Endometriosis, which is a disorder of the female reproductive system, has many varied symptoms. Among these are pelvic bone and lower spinal pain. However, women with endometriosis are much more li... Read More »

You have Endometriosis and your doctor gives you lortabs for pain medication Is this normal?

One of the most common symptoms women feel with endometriosis is pain, light or severe. Lortab is a common drug used to manage pain. This is normal, however, keep in mind that Lortab is a scheduled... Read More »

Sexual positions Pain in hips and inner thighs during missionary position?

Click this link to a webpage with some recommendations on positions which should be less painful for patients with hip pain as you describe:.…In fact I wou... Read More »

Muscle and bone pain in arms, legs thighs when I don't eat on time. Uh oh?

The body *requires* saturated fats to make calcium & vitD (even omega 3 fatty acids) bioavailable so they can be incorporated into the body structure. "Extreme dieting" may effect your saturated f... Read More »