End of Year Recognition Ideas?

Answer At the end of the school or work year, it's traditional to reward people for various reasons. It's a good opportunity to earnestly reward high-performing individuals and to lightheartedly award pri... Read More »

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Student Recognition Ideas?

Student recognition programs create a positive atmosphere in the classroom no matter what the grade level. Students receive a motivational boost when their efforts are recognized. Many student reco... Read More »

Recognition Event Ideas?

A recognition event focuses on those people who helped a business, charity or other organization reach goals. For these events, the main focus lies not only on the people who did well, but on their... Read More »

Employee Appreciation and Recognition Ideas?

Showing appreciation for employees encourages them to strive harder for success, benefiting the company or organization. Employee recognition also creates a more pleasant work environment for every... Read More »

Funny Employee Recognition Ideas?

Traditional awards such as plaques, certificates or trophies are a suitable way to recognize employees. Unfortunately, these award ideas are easy to forget as employees amass shelves full of trophi... Read More »