Enabling USB mass storage for Samsung Galaxy S1?

Answer first connect ya phone to ya comp. See if u get a usb logo in ya notification bar. If its not there, then connect to another usb port. Do that till u get the usb thingy in ya notification bar. Now ... Read More »

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Samsung galaxy europa low storage space?

I'd think that 'apps' would be really quite small programs, it's the MASS storage that you need to shift. Music takes up a little memory, so do photos, but it's VIDEO-files that really eat up the ... Read More »

Does the samsung galaxy s4 have a removable back so you can increase storage?

Yes! It have :) actually, it is a negative thing, when your phone falls down it bursts onto several pieces.Look at the Lumia 920, iPhone 5, it doesn't have any removable thing.Yes! You can expand m... Read More »

Memory storage problems with Samsung galaxy s mini ?

Here is the support site they will help

Which one do you thinks best samsung galaxy s3 or samsung galaxy note?

GS III will be the more comfortable phone to hold and work with. Not that it's small, but the Note simply dwarfs anything next to it. Both handsets are made of plastic (though the GS III is polycar... Read More »