Employment Protection Consolidation Act?

Answer The Employment Protection Consolidation Act of 1978 was the first major piece of legislation to address the individual rights of workers. It preceded the Employment Rights Act of 1996 and was a cen... Read More »

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Employment Protection Laws?

Employment protection laws are the set of rules and regulations that regulate the dismissal of workers. Employment protection laws come into play whenever an employer fires or lays off a worker. Of... Read More »

Consolidation of Schools?

The question of school consolidation may arise for several reasons, including limited funding, limited space, poor student performance or low enrollment. To argue that two schools should be consoli... Read More »

What does frank consolidation mean?

Frank consolidation is clinically evident solidification of the lung tissue. This occurs when the lung tissue fills with mucus or other liquid, especially in pneumonia patients. Lungs undergoing fr... Read More »

What is mortgage consolidation?

A mortgage consolidation is the combination of two or more debts into one loan. This typically gives a borrower a lower overall monthly payment, making the mortgage debt more manageable in the long... Read More »