Employer Emergency Light Inspection Requirements?

Answer Under British law, employers have to provide and inspect emergency lighting in workplaces. The inspection serves to ensure that the emergency lighting will work adequately in the case of an emergen... Read More »

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Auto Inspection Requirements?

There are a quarter billion vehicles on the road in the United States. Each one is required by law to pass an inspection that deems the vehicle safe for operating. Each state has different requirem... Read More »

Ohio FHA Inspection Requirements?

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers support programs for low-income and first-time homeowners in Ohio that are buying a qualifying, suitably-maintained residence. Prior to purchase, an ... Read More »

Brake Lining Inspection Requirements?

Brake failure is a serious problem that can cause a vehicle to go out of control and damage people, animals and property. To avoid brake failure, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires bra... Read More »

Requirements for New Jersey Auto Inspection?

You live in New Jersey, and perhaps you have replaced your old clunker with a newer model automobile. By state law, you must have the car inspected every other year or you will be subject to a stif... Read More »