Employed single mom need help with rent?

Answer Call your local social service agency and ask them. Sometimes there are churches and things that will help out when you fall on hard times but that is usually only a month thing, most states have ... Read More »

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Need help paying rent?

start looking for a room mate and you pay half and they pay half it should work

I need help pls single mom?

Get their father to fix it.....aren't they his children too.....i'm sure he doesn't want them in an unsafe car

What kind of insurance does a self employed building manager need with no employees?

You can get individual medical coverage from several different companies. I write policies for individuals with BlueCross Blueshield of Florida. If you live in Florida, see my profile link below, o... Read More »

What Is the Federal Income Tax's Standard Deduction for a Self-Employed Single?

The federal income tax standard deduction for a single person in the United States is $5,700, as of the 2009 tax year. The standard deduction exempts that amount of your income from income tax. How... Read More »