Emo and Scene Styles?

Answer Emo music has its roots in the punk phenomenon of the 1970s and has spawned an entire youth subculture. The teen scene crowd sometimes seems interchangeable with emo, but their music tastes are bro... Read More »

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How to Mix the Scene and Indie Styles?

Like both the scene and indie styles of music? Wish you could be both? Here's how to mix those two styles together.

Scene Girl Haircuts & Styles?

The scene movement is a subculture of young adults who are devoted to alternative music, indie films and fashion. The typical style of scene girls is a little difficult to pin down since their look... Read More »

Different Hair Styles for Scene Kids?

Scene kid style is about an artistic expression with clothing, attitude and, of course, hair. Most of the time, the style and expression serves to demonstrate a "scene" the person fits within, whic... Read More »

What is the song used in episode CSI Crime Scene Investigation All In when they showed the Huxley era scene?