Emo Haircuts for Girls Only?

Answer Many of the "emo" style of haircuts are androgynous--they can be worn by both girls and guys. If you are a girl and you want an emo haircut that is exclusively feminine, there are a few you can cho... Read More »

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Scene Haircuts & Emo Haircuts for Girls?

The scene and emo hair cuts are very similar but have a few main differences. Scene hair can be very shaggy and sleek or have lots of volume. It also seems to be a little more defined than the emo ... Read More »

Should I get my girls bob haircuts?

Its a very cute and innocent look that i had a while ago. The only problem is it starts to look strange after it grows out a bit. so you have to cut it often.

Hot Haircuts for Girls?

Girls are definitely more into hairstyles than boys. For boys, a bowl cut or crew cut will usually do. However, most girls want a hairstyle that really shows off their personalities and style. Havi... Read More »

Girls, what do you think of these haircuts on men?