Emo Haircuts for Dudes?

Answer Emo, which evolved out of emotional hardcore in the 1990s, has become its own subculture complete with a way of dress, common music and certain haircuts. Most boys and girls in this subculture spor... Read More »

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How to Cut Your Own Hair (for dudes)?

Cut your own hair and cut down your monthly expenses. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Be a Hot Skater (for Dudes)?

Are you tired of getting slapped by girls for talking to them? Are you tired of getting stuffed in a locker? Well, Im not a Miracle Worker But im a Girl Magnet Skater.

Dudes help me out on choosing the right one..!?

Gee ... i guess u didn't check out any phones till now . For 16 K -don't take Xperia active ... you'll get xperia u which is much better with android ICS support [but no card support] with dual ... Read More »

Dudes shaving their legs?

How does shaving your legs make you look gay? Who ever told you that is a complete douchebag.