Answer You could call the Poison Control Center and get advice.

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I'm 13 and i wear training bras still HELP(BRA HELP EMERGENCY)?

Not to be mean in any way here, but I started training bras when I was 9. You are 13 now, you need actual bras. Get body measuring tape, it's flexible, and look online for a bra size measuring tuto... Read More »

EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?

don't rely on Richard T.He didn't notice you tried to ring the NHS which they dont have in the USA, dialling 911 will do you a fat lot of good in the UK Richard T.You are obviously disabled (wheel... Read More »

Emergency... HELP!!!?

They can't bill you unless you provided phone number information or acct info... But you need to go to start, run, msconfig, and delete any programs that look like they are not supposed to be th... Read More »


take out the batteries and try putting it in uncooked rice.. it works on phones it might not work on ipods