Embarrassing stories!!?

Answer you are not going to get pleasure from my pain

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Embarrassing period stories ?

One time I was at school and I knew that something felt weird that day and so I didn't know until I got into 4th period that I had blood all over my shorts.So I had to call my mom in front of the w... Read More »

Any embarrassing drunken stories?

I got drunk at a club last week and got naked on the stage at the club and started dancing around naked. Afterwards, I put back on my pants and sat down on a couch. I was so drunk that ten minute... Read More »

DO you have any embarrassing period stories?

wow that IS embarassing!!! hehe well since you aren't getting many answers i'll leave you a few of mine. This one time I was in Middle school and it was a quite large school, well we all had to sta... Read More »

Any funny or embarrassing period stories?

LMAO that's really funny haha ok I have a couple actually... So the first time I got mine I was at school and I was wearing cream pants but luckily it was around the time when long shirts were in s... Read More »