Embarrasing question, sounds silly but please help!?

Answer Oh good lord, why do you people say shave it off? Have they not done it themselves. If you don't do it right you'll get red bumps and stubble, and honestly guys rather have a little hair than havin... Read More »

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Probably a silly question, but i know nothing about computers! Please help!?

Open the settings of your Internet Explorer (Click Tools-->Internet Options-->General (Tab). On this pafe, click delete followed by delete forms.

THis is probably silly to ask but PLEASE HELP?

Hi this is Frank, I had the same problem and this is how i solved it. 1. Write the question down 2. Then go look up the answer in your book or notes that you took. Se by writing it down it will hel... Read More »

4.1 Sounds..Rear Speaker Problem . Help me -Please?

go into control on sound on speakers, and then configure.make sure to check quad, or four speakers.Best of Luck!

Embarrasing question........?

It's normal, I went through the same thing myself.It's the bud of the breast growing and when pressure is applied it becomes sore.It'll go away eventually.