Embarrasing period horror stories?

Answer I was in school. My period was supposed to be really light (it was, like, the 5th day already). I was coming out of science, and walked in front of 2 REALLY hot guys, and they started laughing. ... Read More »

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I keep leaking on my bed when i have my period. Its really embarrasing having to tell my mom. What should i do?

Make sure you try and use overnight pads. I place an old towel underneath me especially the first two nights.You might want to set your alarm clock once during the night to get up and change.

Do you have any jello horror stories to share?

One year, I had the bright idea to make jello squares for my families picnic...... I mixed everything and got it into the fridge........ But our fridge had a little habbit of not closing all the wa... Read More »

Why do people enjoy horror stories?

Because they allow you to experience the thrill and terror of a dangerous situation, without ever actually putting yourself in danger.Real life is boring, but none of us needs the excitement of run... Read More »

What are your Comcast cable horror stories I've had the same ongoing problem for 4 years!?

When we moved, our only cable option was comcast. It was twice the money and less channels than when we had WOW cable/internet at our old place. Beside the fact that it was more expensive, they k... Read More »