Embarassing medical question;?

Answer my God man....why didn't you just ASK?

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A VERY embarassing question?

You should be a stand up comidian.Thanks for the laugh.Wings is on at midnight, channel 10....

Embarassing question but plez answer and no mean jokes plez?

Generally a male should weigh 100lbs @ 5 feet and add 10 lbs. for every inch taller...a female should also weigh 100lbs. @ 5 feet and add 5 lbs. for every inch.To be healthy, you should then weigh ... Read More »

A serious medical question -?

If someone has overdosed even accidently take them to hospital or ring NHS 24.

Help me with a medical question please.?

First of all....Do you REALLY know the definition of Bird Flu in the first instance ??? The bird would have to have had an Autopsy for CLARIFICATION....Your previous question.....You have the flu..... Read More »