Email opened by Front Page I am a Mac User, how this could happen?

Answer Front Page is a web site design app that was discontinued by Microsoft six and a half years ago. It doesn't open email. Either you didn't read the error correctly, or it is a fake message.

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I was sleeping and when I opened my eyes I relized my heart rate was at 152 what could cause this?

At almost 300 pounds your heart is working terribly hard. What's your blood pressure. If your heart is working this hard, you may have hypertension. Deposits in the arteries create obstructions.... Read More »

What could be wrong if your 3-year-old daughter has a finger wiggling stereotypie sometimes acompanied by facial grimace and teeth grinding Dr ruled out autism could this also happen ADHD children?

Answer I would not automatically say it was ADHD. ADHD is widely overused and we are doping our children unnecessarily.It is possible it is Tourettes, tardive dyskinesia, a magnesium deficiency, ch... Read More »

What does this Facebook email mean and what will happen if I go through with this?

Just click this is okay and go to this link… and secure your account

When you visit a web page this page is memorized in the pc. Is there a way to erase this page from the memory?

Yes its easy! whenever you visit a web page your browser stores a copy of this page in your pc's (cache) or temporary files for later fast visiting. you can remove it from Tools > Internet Options ... Read More »