Email accounts being hacked?

Answer Did she try other email services? If all ids happen like that, meaning internet connection problems but that should happen to you too and you won't be able to post this question.If that isn't, can ... Read More »

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How to Recover Hacked Facebook Accounts?

A hacked Facebook account is a serious security risk. Not only is your personal information compromised, but the hacker also has access to your friends and family members. Hacked Facebook accounts ... Read More »

Why are so many facebook accounts getting hacked?

It's because you trust FB and Yahoo with your password....DON'T USE THE "REMEMBER ME"

Has my email been hacked or not?

I can not confirm nor deny that these are spams. If they are from the actual Playstation website, then chance are that these are actual receipts from someone else's transitions. If you have an emai... Read More »

Am I being hacked or............?

Twist ending: it was actually Alex Kapranos.