Email Scanning Software?

Answer Email involves the transmission of electronic data between two computers. While most exchanges are legitimate, malicious file sharing can occur intentionally and unintentionally. Anti-virus and jun... Read More »

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Good Scanning Software?

Hi JustinUse the software that came with the unit. That is FREE. once you scanned it in, you can always openup Photo-shop or Corel to re-work your scans.

Ubuntu Scanning Software?

The software that came with your scanner might be written to work only on a Windows computer. If you are part of the growing number of people who are trying Ubuntu Linux, you have plenty of options... Read More »

Im looking for a scanning software for my HP laptop! HELP!?

You should have gotten a CD with your printer. Did you use that to install it on your laptop?I looked around for HP 3610 software but I couldn't find that model on the HP site. Are you sure that it... Read More »

Software for Scanning Negatives?

Photographers who use film cameras can make their images digital by scanning the film, or negatives, to a computer. Once scanned, the images become image files, just like photos from digital camera... Read More »