Eliminating Tape Hiss And Rumble?

Answer You need something a little more sophisticated mate. There is a very good open source (free) sound editor available here, I have cleaned up all my audio tapes and ... Read More »

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Why do guitar amps hiss?

Like most electrical devices, guitar amplifiers are constructed of many intricate current-carrying parts. A number of problems, from the obvious to the complex, can contribute to inordinately loud ... Read More »

How to Clean Up a Hiss Using Adobe Soundbooth?

Audio recorded onto magnetic tape or a vinyl record is prone to background hiss. Even after you digitize the audio and convert it to MP3 or WAV, the hiss still remains on the recording. If you have... Read More »

Surround system hiss only with optical input?

Try this:Get the hiss to happen.Un-screw your main CATV coax.Does the hiss go away? If so - you have 60 hz noise flooding your system from the CATV coax. This is because they run hundreds of yards... Read More »

What is that hiss coming from my toilet long after it has flushed?

Answer you probably have a seal in your flush valve assembly that is shot and not closing off the water when the toilet fills back up. Or you have something like the chain if an older assembly sit... Read More »