Eligible Vs. Ineligible Dividends?

Answer Eligible and ineligible dividends are two types of dividends investors receive from taxable Canadian corporations. The main difference between eligible and ineligible dividends is how they are trea... Read More »

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What Is the Difference in an Eligible & Ineligible Salary?

The term "eligible" or "ineligible" salary applies when calculating your income for retirement benefits. These terms are often used in calculating benefits for a pension fund where the future payme... Read More »

Dividends Declared & Dividends Payable?

Dividends are financial rewards a company gives to shareholders. Dividends are not a necessity as part of the reward given to shareholders. When they do occur, however, a company must accurately re... Read More »

If you have earned a degree, does this make you ineligible to receive financial aid?

You're close, but your info is a little off.Go ahead and get the associate's degree, if that's a logical first step in your college education. You're thinking of the Pell Grant program - which is o... Read More »

If you are eligible for concession in Perth, are you eligible for concession in Melbourne (Public Transport)?

NO the system won't be able to recognize the Perth institution. only if your are under 16 can your travel on a child ticket without needing proof of concession ID.You also need to reside in Victori... Read More »