Elementary and Middle School Math Methods?

Answer Much like building a house, children learn math through incremental steps. Starting with a foundation of learning how to count in kindergarten, children begin to learn the basics of addition and su... Read More »

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Math Methods for Elementary & Middle School Teachers?

Math is a difficult subject to teach because students are often bored by the subject. You can increase understanding and retention of concepts by making the topics exciting and interactive for them... Read More »

Middle School Math Methods?

Not all students learn in the same way, so it is important for teachers to present material using a variety of methods. This is particularly important for middle school teachers because students at... Read More »

Methods for Teaching Elementary Math?

Several teaching methods are available that can lead to children learning mathematics, and teachers' knowledge of them can go a long way to assure that. A teacher should base which methods she uses... Read More »

Diagnostic & Reteaching Methods for Elementary Math?

Diagnostic teaching is an ongoing assessment of students as they are learning in order to teach -- and reteach as necessary -- concepts for comprehension. Teachers using diagnostic teaching look at... Read More »