Elementary Student Council Valentine Ideas?

Answer Valentine's Day opens up many opportunities for elementary school student councils to do fund-raising and to show appreciation to teachers. Most important, whatever the student council chooses will... Read More »

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Student Council Ideas for Elementary Schools?

Student councils in elementary schools have many benefits. Through a council, you can teach your students about community service, civics and government in a student-friendly environment outside of... Read More »

Elementary Student Council Speech Ideas?

Running for elementary school student council can be an apprehensive activity for young children. They may be nervous speaking in front of their classmates, and unsure of what tasks the role of a s... Read More »

How to Write an Elementary Student Council Speech?

You've decided to run for student council -- congratulations! That decision shows you have leadership qualities and are willing to take risks. Before the election, you'll have the opportunity to ma... Read More »

How to Make a Change As an Elementary School Student Council Member?

If you are part of Student Council in your elementary school and want to make a change here is what you can do.