Elementary Muscular System Activities?

Answer Every movement you could make involves the muscular system. Throwing a baseball. Threading a needle. Coughing. Even just breathing. But if all these actions depend on muscles, muscles themselves de... Read More »

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Muscular System Lab Activities?

Teaching children about the muscular system can be entertaining and engaging. Teachers can use human anatomy mannequins that show the different muscles in the body. Many of these mannequins have re... Read More »

Muscular System Activities for 7th Graders?

Seventh-graders are almost teenagers, so their physical appearance and development is of utmost concern to them. This provides an opportunity to teach them about their muscular system and engage th... Read More »

Lesson Plans & Activities on the Muscular System?

A thorough lesson plan for teaching students about the human muscular system should cover the types of muscles, as well as major muscles and muscle groups. Beyond a good textbook, online resources ... Read More »

Elementary Skeletal System Activities?

The skeletal system is one of the most difficult, but also a compelling subject for elementary school kids. There are numerous bones in the human body, which might be confusing to young pupils. Con... Read More »