Elementary Level Science Projects?

Answer At the elementary level, science projects should be as fun as they are educational. Most elementary school students do not yet have the skills to work with delicate and dangerous equipment, such as... Read More »

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Hands-on Elementary Level Science Projects?

Let your elementary school students take a hands-on approach to conducting science projects. Supervise your students carefully and assist them with any difficult or dangerous parts of experiments a... Read More »

Elementary Level Science Activities for Grade School?

Elementary students need inquiry-based instruction in science class. Inquiry-based instruction is a very simple concept. Students are given materials and asked to make observations, predictions and... Read More »

Science Projects for Elementary Age?

There are thousands of science projects aimed at elementary students. The most appropriate science projects are standards-based and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young... Read More »

Elementary Science Projects?

A science fair project is a great way for kids to get involved and learn about biology, chemistry, physics and other subjects within the field. Students are more likely to become engaged during a h... Read More »