Elementary Activities for Environmental Biology?

Answer Environmental biology, the study of ecology, plants, animals and how they affect one another, can be enjoyed by elementary school students in science class. Activities need not be difficult, and th... Read More »

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Careers in Environmental Biology?

An education in environmental biology can lead you to several diverse careers. Environmental biologists work alongside residential and business developers, in branches of the government and even in... Read More »

Environmental Science Project Ideas for Elementary?

Elementary students are full of enthusiasm for the natural world. They want to know why things are the way they are, and will often ask incredibly revealing questions about things which adults have... Read More »

Inquiry Activities for AP Biology?

Many students take advanced placement (AP) classes in high school. These classes serve a number of purposes for students, from showing colleges they undertook a challenging course load to earning c... Read More »

Taxonomy Activities for Biology?

Thousands of years ago people grouped plants and animals together by how they tasted and whether they were poisonous or could be used as medicine. This classification of living organisms was an ear... Read More »