Electrophoresis Explained?

Answer Forensic scientists and other genetic researchers use electrophoresis to identify and differentiate between different DNA fragments. Because the DNA molecules are charged particles, they can be man... Read More »

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How do you define electrophoresis?

Electrophoresis is a separation technique used in biochemical and molecular biology laboratories. It takes advantage of a molecule's charge distribution. The technique is very accurate and inexpens... Read More »

What Causes Smearing in Electrophoresis?

Gel electrophoresis is a technique that is used to separate and analyze molecules. This technique uses an electrical current to separate molecules based on their size and molecular charge. This p... Read More »

What is the purpose of DNA electrophoresis?

Gel electrophoresis is a molecular biological technique used in a laboratory to separate mixtures of molecules of different sizes. Gel electrophoresis is used to analyze microscopic molecules such ... Read More »

Who discovered gel electrophoresis,&when?

The discovery of the process of electrophoresis using starch gel was made by Oliver Smithies. In 1954, Smithies was involved in insulin research in a laboratory in Toronto. While attempting to isol... Read More »