Electronics - Capacitors?

Answer i)POLYESTERPTFEPOLYPROPYLENEMYLARPAPERPAPER SOAKED IN OIL (FOR COOLING)ii)Generall yrolled up like a Swiss roll! Unless its a surface mount semiconductor capacitor.iii)Electrolytic - smaller, more... Read More »

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How to Use Capacitors With Amplifiers?

Capacitors are used to help power amplifiers, which supply power to speakers. Typically, capacitors are used with high-power installations where the car's battery cannot supply enough power to the ... Read More »

Various Types of Capacitors?

A capacitor is a component that holds an electric charge. Manufacturers construct capacitors from numerous materials, including metal, plastic and ceramic. You can find capacitors in many electroni... Read More »

How to Wire Capacitors?

A capacitor is an electronic component that's like a short-term battery for storing electrical charge. Capacitors can be wired in parallel or series. For most automotive amplifier applications, ca... Read More »

Bad Capacitors in Motherboards?

Capacitors are components used to hold electric charges in all kinds of electronic circuits, including computers. As with resistors, capacitors are fundamental electronic building blocks, so circui... Read More »