Electronic device I can use besides a phone to type/ text/ talk on?

Answer iPod touch (any version all different prices, I suggest the 2nd or 3rd gen if you don't want to spend too much on the 4th gen) then download the facebook app you can Inbox each other. Or you can do... Read More »

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An electronic device GPS type child locator?

Yes there is, I'm not sure if it will fit your budget. a proximity transponder as an alternative No details - I was looking for them when my computer... Read More »

How to Dry a Wet Personal Electronic Device with the Save a Phone Rescue Kit (without Rice)?

If you drop a personal electronic device, including cell phones, ipods, baby monitors, hearing aids, two-way radios, etc, in water don't panic, it can probably be saved. Most importantly, remove th... Read More »

Is it legal to install an electronic device to bloc cell phone in my restaurant?

The FCC does not disallow you to use such a device. However, if the device blocks reception or transmission outside your restaurant, even on the sidewalk you could be charged will a violation. Ca... Read More »

Do u talk or text more on ur cell phone ?