Electronic Organs That Sound Like a Hammond B3?

Answer Electronic organs such as the Hammond B3 were initially created to replicate the sound of pipe organs, often used in churches or theaters. The Hammond B3 gained fame in the 1960s thanks to its use... Read More »

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How do hammond organs work?

Hammond organs were first popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They are enjoying a renaissance today in jazz, rock, popular and gospel music. Vintage Hammonds are coveted for their unique sound.Parts o... Read More »

How Do Cell Phones Make Sound Into Electronic Waves?

Cell phone is a shortened term for cellular phone service. The communication between cell phones or cell phones and landline phones is handled by cellular phone towers. These towers are all over th... Read More »

How is richard hammond doing?

The last I heard was he was making slow but steady progress, one side of his head around his eye was swollen, but he is able to walk short distances and hold a lucid conversation. BUT there maybe s... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Hammond?

The surname Hammond has Anglo-French, Norse-Viking and German origins. Over time, similar names such as Hamundr and Amundr from different languages were combined. In original form, the name means "... Read More »