Electronic Organs That Sound Like a Hammond B3?

Answer Electronic organs such as the Hammond B3 were initially created to replicate the sound of pipe organs, often used in churches or theaters. The Hammond B3 gained fame in the 1960s thanks to its use... Read More »

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How do hammond organs work?

Hammond organs were first popular in the 1950s and 1960s. They are enjoying a renaissance today in jazz, rock, popular and gospel music. Vintage Hammonds are coveted for their unique sound.Parts o... Read More »

What sound can I record that might sound like a kick drum?

As simple as this might sound, take the palm of your hand nearest your wrist and hit down onto a desk. different desks will make different sounds but you should be able to get a good "thump" out of... Read More »

Words that sound like lounge?

The thing with the nightclub is that its history as a morgue, during the great Chicago fire, leaves a lot of the basis for its paranormal activity. AS for its actually being haunted, lets just say ... Read More »

Frogs That Sound Like Sandhill Cranes?

The sandhill crane of North America as well as portions of Siberia and Cuba is a stately, long-legged bird of slate-gray or brown color that is the most abundant of the world's crane species. Duri... Read More »