Electronic Ignition Advantages?

Answer The ignition system in an internal combustion engine ignites the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders. An electronic ignition directs an electric current to each spark plug when it needs to fir... Read More »

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How to Install an Electronic Ignition?

Though most newer engines use electronically activated coil-on-plug ignitions, practically every car made before 1995 utilizes some sort of mechanical distributor. Newer electronic systems offer a... Read More »

Electronic Ignition Components?

The ignition system of an internal combustion engine solves two complex tasks. The first task is to deliver a brief spark to exactly the right point at exactly the right time--thousands of times a ... Read More »

How to Check an Electronic Ignition?

If your car or motorcycle is full of gas but will not start, you may have an electronic ignition issue. The bad news is that the electronic ignition is one of the hardest pieces of equipment to tro... Read More »

How to Test an Electronic Ignition?

Electronic ignitions, such as those used on a motorcycle and snowmobile, start the engine with the press of a button on the dash. However, these recreational vehicles may also have a pull start tha... Read More »