Electronic Digital Measuring Tools?

Answer If you need to measure exceptionally long distances or hard-to-get-to areas, then you should invest in an electronic digital measuring tool. These tools measure distances either ultrasonically or b... Read More »

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Electronic Testing & Measuring Instruments?

Much in the area of electronic testing and measuring Instruments is highly complex, requiring an extensive and specific course of training for the layman to understand. However, precise measurement... Read More »

Tools for Measuring Vibrations?

Vibration, defined by the Britannica Online Dictionary as a "periodic back-and-forth motion," appears in our lives in many forms. The vibrations of cell phones alert us to incoming messages, vehicl... Read More »

Level Measuring Tools?

Building and construction projects often require a level surface. Shelves must be straight to keep things from sliding to one side. A chest of drawers needs straight angles for the drawers to fit i... Read More »

Wire Measuring Tools?

Since wire is a flexible material, it can be difficult to get an exact length measurement. This may cause you to either underestimate or overestimate the amount of wire that you have. Wire measurin... Read More »