Electro Magnetic Spectrum Science Project Ideas?

Answer Students are probably well aware of the names, and probably some of the properties, of the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but they may be unaware of their relationships to one ano... Read More »

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Ideas for a Science Fair Project on the Electromagnetic Spectrum?

Usually when we refer to "light," we are talking about the light that allows us to see the world around us. However, this is actually a much too narrow definition of light. When scientists talk abo... Read More »

A Science Project on Magnetic Cars?

Magnetic toy car experiments can make a big impact at school science fairs. While fairly easy to execute, magnetic car experiments are a fun way to teach children about magnetism.

Science Project: How to Build a Magnetic Motor?

Magnetic motors are an integral part of many machines. From children's toys to televisions to roller coasters, magnetic motors are used in countless mechanical devices. Building your own electromag... Read More »

Winning Science Fair Project Ideas on Earth Science?

Science fair projects give students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method by planning and executing their experiments. Projects in earth sciences deal with the age and ... Read More »