Electrical Frequency Calculations?

Answer Some electronic calculations depend on frequency. These calculations tend to be for devices involving alternating current, a current that changes at some specific frequency.

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Don't all electrical devices give off radio frequency?

Electronic devices that have oscilators in them will produce a certain amount of RF radiation.Examples of this is computers , game boys , radios , TVs and so on.Devices such as torches do not produ... Read More »

Resolution frequency is High, Frequency Out of Range in Windows 98. What to do?

Go to a vacant area of your Desktop > Right Click > Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor > Tick the box that says "Hide settings this Monitor can not display"Set the monitor to 60Hertz and wo... Read More »

I have 512 ram of frequency 100mhz however my motherboard is set for 133 mhz frequency. how to resolve.?

you don't. the motherboard is downward compatible. it will run itself at 100mhz to match your ram's bus speed.

Exceptions to EER Calculations?

A person's gender, age, weight, height and activity level determine her estimated energy requirement, or EER. Healthy individuals are the basis for EER calculations, but those who have certain inju... Read More »