Electric Razors: Braun vs. Norelco?

Answer Braun and Norelco are both well-known manufacturers of shaving products for men. Each makes a top-of-the-line electric razor with a variety of special features and benefits, yet Braun's electric ra... Read More »

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How to Clean Norelco Razors?

When your Norelco razor gets full of beard cuttings, it will jam up. Cleaning the razor is imperative, or eventually it will stop running. There are two types of cleaning with a Norelco razor---mai... Read More »

How to Compare Men's Norelco Razors?

Norelco razors are a collection of men's electric shaving razors produced by Philips Electronics. The models include the Nivea for Men, the 8200 series, the 7000 series and the SensoTouch.

Difference Between Braun 9585 & 9595 Razors?

Braun Series shavers are best known for the close shave and smooth feel that they offer. When looking for an electric shaver there are certain features that a person may be looking for. The Braun 9... Read More »

Disposable Razors Vs. Electric Razors?

When selecting a razor, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each type. Two popular forms are the electric razor and the disposable razor; they vary in many qualities.