Electric Motorcycles That Go on Highways?

Answer Electric motorcycles are motorbikes powered by electric motors instead of engines. This results in a relatively slow vehicle that will struggle to travel long distances. Despite the negatives thoug... Read More »

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Is there anything like that for motorcycles?

used that site to confirm if my bike was or was NOT the limited bike as the dealer told me it was. When i called the sales man out on it he became extreamly defensive saying that i could expect him... Read More »

I know that there are cars that are considered "girl cars" are there motorcycles like that too?

only if a girl is riding it does it officially become a 'girl's bike', although i have yet to see a cruiser that comes out of the factory with a hot pink paint job; then i could see that could be a... Read More »

Are motorcycles really that dangerous as people make it seem?

Motorcycles are not dangerous, it's the car and truck drivers that are. You have to ride as though you are invisible and be willing to forgo the theory that you have equal rights on the road. Leg... Read More »

Do you have Guy friends that love Harley Davidson's Motorcycles ( Own and Ride)?

Just another example of never under estimating the general public's level of poor taste!