Electric Igniter Problem With a Grill?

Answer An electric igniter for a grill works in a fashion similar to those used for gas furnaces. The igniter has a switch you can use to manually ignite the flow of gas. It creates a spark with a pair of... Read More »

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How do I Install an Electric Oven Igniter?

The electric oven igniter is a very important part of a gas oven. The igniter provides a spark that lights the gas, which in turn heats the oven. A faulty igniter can cause an oven to fail to light... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Dacor Cooktop Igniter Problem?

If one or all of the ignitors on your Dacor gas stove fail to produce a spark, you may be inclined to contact a repair technician. Instead, try troubleshooting the problem with the range's ignition... Read More »

Is there a grill that's gas and electric?

Yes, there are grills that provide both gas and electric options. The Kuuma Stow & Go Hybrid Propane Gas/Electric BBQ Grill is one such grill. These combination grills are known as dual-fuel or mul... Read More »

How to Cook With an Indoor Electric Grill?

Grilling does not require perfect weather outside. During inclement weather, an indoor electric grill gives your food the same grill marks as an outdoor barbecue from the comfort of your kitchen. C... Read More »