Electric Carburetor Information?

Answer A carburetor brings air into an engine and functions to ensure that it is mixed properly with fuel. An incorrect mixture of air and fuel could damage a vehicle's engine. This and other information ... Read More »

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How to Install an Electric Fuel Pump on a Carburetor?

An electric fuel pump can improve the performance of an engine. Working on fuel lines requires proper preparation to prevent spills and leaks. A simple wiring mistake, such as reversing the positiv... Read More »

Information on a Holley Carburetor?

Holley carburetors have been used in most makes and models of cars. Aftermarket and original rebuilt Holleys are a favorite of hot rodders and race car engine builders. Holley carburetors were used... Read More »

Edelbrock Carburetor Information?

The Edelbrock company produces some of the most popular carburetor designs on today's aftermarket. These carburetors are quite possibly the easiest to identify, as almost all of Edelbrock's carbure... Read More »

Rebuild Information on the Holley Carburetor 6488?

The Holley 6488 comes in two models, the 2210 and 2245. These are small-bore, double-barrel carburetors with a single accelerator pump and a square bore mount. Rebuild kits for the 6488 are slightl... Read More »