Electric Car Motor Specifications?

Answer Electric cars are known to be environmentally friendly, but the specifications of electric car motors are often overlooked. Because electric car motors are more efficient, they have the potential t... Read More »

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A vacuum cleaner is plugged into a 120.0-V socket and uses 3.0 A of current in normal operation when the back emf generated by the electric motor is 72.0 V Find the coil resistance of the motor?

Stable voltage across the motor = (120 - 72) = 48 VR = E / I = 48/3 = 16 ohms.(Assumes power-factor of 1, no reactances, back-emf in phase with the line, etc.)

How hot does an electric RC car motor get?

An electric radio controlled car brushless motor should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the magnetic components might depolarize, causing the motor to not function. Electric m... Read More »

Motor Oil Specifications?

Motor oil performs a variety of tasks in a vehicle's engine. It allows easy starting, lubricates and reduces friction in the engine parts and keeps the engine clean and cool. There are some establi... Read More »

How to Make an Electric DC Motor?

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