Elective Vs. Required Classes?

Answer In order to receive a high school diploma or a degree from a community college or university, you must meet the core program requirements of the school you attend. This program usually includes a c... Read More »

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Classes Required for an OB/GYN?

Doctors specializing on obstetrics and gynecology require extensive medical education and training. After a four-year degree in a premedical subject, a medical school degree must be completed in ad... Read More »

Classes Required for Cosmetology?

Cosmetologists are trained to care for people's hair, skin and nails. Typically, a course lasts six months to a year. Cosmetologists are required to be licensed, and they must pass a written state ... Read More »

Classes Required for Marketing?

A marketing major's course of study is not made up of only advertising and sales classes. Rather, there should be a broader range of studies aimed at understanding consumers and their behavior. Ma... Read More »

Types of College Classes Required to Be a CEO?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company leads the firm and shapes the business' direction, according to his vision. While there are no "requirements" to become a CEO, a Master of Business Ad... Read More »