Election Activities for 5th Grade?

Answer When Election Day comes around, it is important to teach fifth-grade students about how U.S. presidential elections work and that voting is an important part of being a U.S. citizen. Election activ... Read More »

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Election Day Activities for Kindergarten?

Election Day is unique to democratic countries. On Election Day, voters across a country exercise their right to vote for their representatives in government. In the United States, we use democrat... Read More »

Kindergarten Election Activities?

While the complexities of the election process may be many years ahead of kindergarten students' awareness, it is never too soon to start exposing them to the basics of elections. A series of well-... Read More »

Election Activities for the Classroom?

Every two or four years, teachers have an opportunity to plan a lesson around election day. Whether the election is a midterm gubernatorial election or a presidential election, there are many activ... Read More »

Presidential Election Kids Activities?

Teaching children about the presidential election will help them realize what makes our government special and encourage them to vote when they turn 18. The more children learn about voting at an e... Read More »