Eighth grade makeup help?

Answer Personally, I think middle school is the right age when it's really acceptable to wear makeup. Sixth grade is normally when most girls consider makeup. For me, people wanted to grow up fast, so in ... Read More »

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Makeup for going into eighth grade?

I have brown eyes too, we're lucky cause we can wear pretty much any color on our eyes :) At my school it didn't really matter, some days I'd wear like bright blue eyeshadow, some liner, and a litt... Read More »

How to Get Through Eighth Grade?

The eighth grade is a milestone for you in your early academic career, in part because it marks the transition into high school. During eighth grade you will do a lot of growing up both physically... Read More »

How to Start the Eighth Grade?

Seventh grade flew by and now you're just beginning the adventure of being an eighth grader. There is no exact manual, but this article will help you out a bit and put you ahead of the game.

How to Get Ready for Your First Day of Eighth Grade?

Alright. So, you've finished sixth and seventh grade. No problem right? Well now, you're in eighth grade, and well, things are different. You are the top of the middle school, and you wanna look yo... Read More »