Egyptian food with sesame seeds and is called doa or something like that PLEASE HELP!!!?

Answer This sounds like DUQQA:Duqqa is a spice mixture that is sprinkled on bread and eaten with boiled eggs or soft cheese for breakfast, snacks, and appetizers. There are two types of duqqa: the regular... Read More »

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What was ancient Egyptian money called?

The ancient Egyptians did not have money, and instead relied on a set scale of weights and measures of goods in order to exchange goods and services. Beer, meat and cloth were the most commonly tra... Read More »

Types of Sesame Seeds?

Dating back to 1600 B.C., sesame seeds are thought to have originated in India, according to The World's Healthiest Foods organization. They inspired the catch phrase "open sesame" from "Arabian Ni... Read More »

Do sesame seeds need to be refrigerated?

According to, sesame seeds should be refrigerated. "Store sesame seeds in the refrigerator since their high oil content can lead to rancidity," recommends the website. "Store toasted sesam... Read More »

How are sesame seeds harvested?

Tiny sesame seeds grow on sesame plants. The seeds are used to make sesame oil and season and flavor many dishes.LocationMost sesame seeds harvested in the U.S. come from Texas, Louisiana, Californ... Read More »