Egg & Cheese on a Roll Bagel Or Croissant?

Answer Egg & Cheese on a Roll.Good night, friend.Lemme tuck you in :)

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Bagel with Butter Bagel with Cream Cheese Bagel with Jelly Or Bagel with Lox Which do you like better?

bagel with cream cheese and jelly.. yummy!!!

Cheese on Sliced Bread On a Bagel On a Roll Or on an English Muffin?

An Onion Bagel with Butter A bowl of Fruit Loops Or a Cherry Croissant Which do you like better?

Yeah, I"ll take some of those fruit loops :)(((Scooter))) :))((((Bobby)))) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Mm-hmm... well I reckon Doyle will just have ta let me, if not I'll just have t... Read More »

Everything Bagel Raisin Bagel Poppy Seed Bagel Or Onion Bagel Which do you like better?

mmmmmmmm...they all sound good....toasted...even better...let's do lunch...okay Mr. SA! ....maybe we can share ....i like the onion one with cheddar cheese melted! :))) for lunch! ((((hugs))))