Effects of early parenthood?

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The effects preparing for parenthood?

Well to be honest with you honey, it may be. I went a couple of weeks back to get an u/s because I was spotting and they checked and I got to hear the heartbeat it was beautiful that being said I w... Read More »

Lack of attention by parents guardians cause of early parenthood of the teen?

This is the theory I believe. It is rarer amongst families with both parents who have jobs and are more comfortably off with a good home. Bringing up children is a big responsibility for which you ... Read More »

Is a delayed parenthood a current trend in parenthood?

There is a theory that a man could carry a baby to term on top of his liver; but it would have to be implanted and medically we are very far away from that theory becoming a reality.

What are the negative effects of an early marriage?

I'm 34. I was 22 the day of my first marriage. I was 27 the day of my second. I was getting married while all my friends were dating. In retrospect, I made no mistakes. Your understanding of yourse... Read More »