Effects of Weather on Human Emotions As a Science Fair Project Topic?

Answer Many people, particularly those with arthritis and other joint and muscular issues, agree that weather has an effect on human beings and how they feel. Not only does weather affect our joint and mu... Read More »

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How to Find a Science Fair Project Topic?

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Science Fair Project on Effects of Different Level of Sounds?

Sound levels are actually a measure of the acoustic energy that is carried in a sound wave. Higher energy means a louder sound. Sound is measured in decibels, a unit that stands for relative change... Read More »

Science Fair Project That Tests the Effects of Gatorade vs. Water on a Swimmer's Pulse Rate?

Having a science fair project that can be used as a marketing tool is a great way to get a good mark. Testing the attributes of Gatorade against water falls into this category of marketable science... Read More »

The Effects of Colors on Human Emotions?

People have long recognized that different colors have a powerful effect over our emotions. Sometimes the effect a color has is truly physiological, while other times it is psychological, based on ... Read More »