Effects of Facial Peels on Acne Sufferers?

Answer When attempting to treat acne, most people will try anything, just as long as it gets rid of those unsightly spots. One often overlooked treatment option is a facial peel. Though normally used to r... Read More »

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Are facial peels benefical to acne sufferers?

On One Hand: Helps Remove Acne and Acne ScarsFacial peels (such as chemical peels and acid peels) are often used in a series of treatment to help people who suffer from acne. Light peels are often ... Read More »

Acne is so embarrassing! Sufferers from acne, what product worked/works for you?

haha, well dont be cuz most everyone has. try this they are really good, m not even joking i luv them. i was searching for skin product on youtube, and i saw mad ppl recommend ... Read More »

Is a gluten free diet crucial to acne sufferers?

On One Hand: It is Not CrucialA gluten-free diet is not crucial for acne sufferers. There is no scientific evidence that gluten intake causes acne in people with regular digestive systems. For most... Read More »

About Facial Peels?

Facial peels are one option people have to keep the skin looking young. Most facial peels are performed by licensed professional, including aestheticians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Howe... Read More »