Effects of Ethanol on Ice?

Answer Ice contains low friction, which makes ice useful to ice skaters and dangerous to motorists. Scientists have observed significant activities with ice at lower temperatures, including the phenomenon... Read More »

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The Effects of Ethanol on Auto Engines?

Ethanol is an alcohol fuel that is known to reduce emissions when used in automobiles. Since 1980, many drivers have filled their tanks with a 10 percent ethanol blend fuel. Ethanol's high octane r... Read More »

What is e85 ethanol?

E85 ethanol provides an alternative to traditional gasoline. It has many advantages over traditional gasoline, but it also has a few distinct downsides.DefinitionE85 ethanol is a mixture of ethanol... Read More »

Can i put ethanol gas in my car?

On One Hand: Ethanol Seems Like a Good IdeaEthanol is a domestic alternative fuel that costs less than gasoline. Most vehicles can run on up to 15 percent ethanol fuel without a problem. All Americ... Read More »

Gas Stations That Do Not Add Ethanol?

Some consumers worry that the ethanol added to gasoline negatively affects engine performance and gas mileage. Ethanol has been added to gasoline since the 1970s to cut pollution and dependence on ... Read More »